Historical Evolution of Cameroon Labour Legislation

During the colonial era, Cameroon workers were governed by the colonial Labour Code, which was known mainly to the colonial masters. After independence, Cameroon continues to use the colonial Labour Code from France and Britain. However, the situation changes in 1967 when Cameroon enacted its own Labour code.

Cameroon Labour Code since Independence

Cameroon Labour codes since independence are;

  • The federal code of 1967 created by Law No 67 of 12/06/67
  • The unitary Labour code of 1974 created by Law No 74/14 of 27/03/74
  • The enterprise-oriented Labour code created in 1992 by law No 92/007 of 14/08/92
  • The unitary Labour Code was worker-oriented for it protected the workers from hard dubious employers; while the enterprise-oriented Labour code demanded that contracting parties should freely negotiate the terms of their contract.
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