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The study investigated “The influence of school environment on student’s academic performance in a secondary school in the Buea municipality”. The research is base on the following questions; to what extent does the school environment affects student academic performances in secondary schools in the Buea municipality; Specifically, the research seeks to answer the following questions:

To what extent does school location affect the performances of secondary school students; What effect does school climate have on the academic performance of students in secondary school?; To what extent do school facilities affect student performance in Secondary school. The accessible population of the study was made up of five and upper sixth students of selected secondary schools in Buea Municipality while the sample size was made up of 50 students.

This sample was selected using the purposive and simple random technique. The descriptive survey research design was used research; the instrument used in collecting Data was questionnaires. Questionnaires were administered to students in form five and upper sixth.

Frequencies and percentages were used to analyze the closed-ended questions. Findings revealed that School location distribution shows a positive significant relationship with students academic performance with (B= 0.033, sig= 0.004).

Climate has a positive and significant relationship with children psychosocial development (B=0.036, sig= 0.011).  School Facilities variable shows a positive significant relationship with children’s psychosocial development with (B= 0.455, sig= 0.013).

A major recommendation made was that the government should initiate and implement relevant adequate school facilities that will assist students in the teaching-learning process towards their academic performances in schools.

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