1) Cameroon’s Foreign Policy under Ahmadou Ahidjo

2) Globalization and Economic Development in Cameroon. An assessment PAD 2012

3) The Effects of Foreign Aids on National Development.

4) Nigeria’s quest for permanent membership of the UN Security Council (for a Nigerian student).

5) Nature of Christian Missionary Activity in West Africa: Case Study in Cameroon.

6) China’s Increasing Interest in Africa- Implications for Cameroon’s National Development.

7) The Armed Forces in Peace Support Operations- The Case for Cameroon Military Personnel In DRC

8) The Dynamics of Conflict Resolution in Africa: Cameroon in Perspective.

9) The Global Revolution in Military Affairs and Combat Effectiveness: Challenges and Prospects For The Cameroon Military.

10) The US-Africa Command, And Stability of African States: Issues and Prospects for Cameroon.

11) Cameroon and Her Neighbours: A Comparison of Trade Relations between Cameroon and Nigeria (2010-2020).

12) Xenophobic Violence In South Africa: Economic Implications For South-Africa Nigeria Relations in the 21st Century.

14) Social Media Censorship and Political Reaction: The Buhari-Twitter Clash.

15) ICJ and Administration of CRE: The Case of Bakassi Peninsula Dispute between Cameroon and Nigeria.

16) Nigeria-Cameroon Diplomatic Relations in Post- Bakassi Peninsula Dispute (2006-2016).

17) The Problems of Regional Integration: A comparative Study of AU and Ecowas

18) The Relevance of Economic Integration and Peace on West Africa: A Case Study of Ecowas’ Sanction of Mali.

19) Economic Disengagement Due to HRs Abuse: The Case of the Expulsion of Cameroon from AGOA.

20) The Role of Diaspora’s in the Anglophone Crisis.

21) Conflict Management in Africa: The Role of Civil Society (like CHRDA on the Anglophone Crisis)

22) Cameroon and the Commonwealth, 1990-2021.

23) Mali’s Foreign Policy under Military Rule.

24) The AU and Conflict Management in the Anglophone Crisis, 1990-2020.

25) Cameroon’s Foreign Policy after the Cold War: Domestic, Regional and External Influence.

26) Economic Co-operation and Integration In West Africa, 1999-2010: The Case of Ecowas.

27) The UN and the Gulf Crisis, 1990-1999: A Critique of the Principle of Collective Security.

28) UNICEF and Child Rights in Cameroon.

29) Terrorism and Its Implications on Global Security In The 21st Century: The Case of Boko Haram Insurgency in Northern Cameroon.

30) Covid-19 and Its Implications in IRE: From the Vintage of Travel Restrictions.

31) The Impact of Trade Liberalization on Poverty Reduction in Cameroon.

32) An Analytical Study of Intl Trade and Poverty Reduction: The Case of Bilateral Trade Ties between Cameroon and Nigeria.

33) The Impact of Migrant Remittances on Poverty Reduction: The Case of Anglophone Refugees in Nigeria.

34) Conflict and Conflict Resolution in IR: the Case of Removal of Canadian Embassy from Cameroon.

35) UN Peacekeeping in Africa; Effectiveness and Problems in the Case of Cameroon.

36) The Assessment of WTO Rules and Implications on Cameroon Trade.

37) UN and the Challenge of Promoting Gender Equality in Cameroon.

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