1) The Effect of Boko Haram Attacks on Agricultural Business Productivity and Food Security In Northern Cameroon.

2) Socio-Cultural Organisation and Insecurity in The Anglophone Region Of Cameroon On The People Of Manyu Division.

3) The Role Of NGOs In Peace Building In The Anglophone Region Of Cameroon: The Case Study Of Buea Municipality.

4) The Role Of Traditional Rulers In Maintaining Peace And Harmony In the Anglophone Region of Cameroon.

5) Strategies For Curbing Societal Unrest In Cameroon: A Case Study Of Youth Restiveness In The Littoral Region Of Cameroon.

6) The Influence Of Conflict Management Effectiveness On Administrative Staff Productivity In The University Of Buea.

7) Conflict Resolution As A Tool For Effective Management In An Organization: A Case Study Of Some Selected Microfinance Institutions In Buea.

8) Religious Conflicts In Cameroon: Issues And Solutions.

9) Indigenous Mechanisms Of Conflict Resolution: Case Study Of some selected communities in Manyu Division.

10) Boko Haram Insurgency And Socio-Economic Development In The Northern Region of Cameroon.

11) The Impact Of Crisis On Human Resource Strategy In Oil Companies: A Case Study Of SONARA.

12) Inter- Ethnic Conflict Between The Mbororos Of Sabga And The People Of BabankiTungo.

13) Role of Mass Media In Conflict Resolution in Cameroon: Case Study Equinoxe (or CRTV).

14) The Role of The Church In Ensuring Peace And Harmony During The Anglophone Crisis (2016-2020).

15) Armed Forces in Peace Support Operations: Challenges and Prospects For Army Personnel in Cameroon.

16) Civil-Military Relations and National Security: Challenges for The Cameroonian Armed Forces.

17) ICT Training In Cameroonian Army: Challenges and Prospects for Operational Efficiency And Effectiveness.

18) Kidnapping In Cameroon: Implications And Challenges For National Security.

19) Conflict And Conflict Resolution In International Relations: A Case Study Of The Bakassi Peninsula.

20) Public Perception towards State broadcasting Media House (CRTV) on conflict resolution in the case of the ongoing Anglophobe crisis.

21) Improving Organizational Efficiency Through Conflict Resolution and Management in Buea Council.

22) Building Sustainable Peace: Understanding the Linkages between Social, Political, and Ecological Processes in Post-War Cameroon.

23) Neutrality in Internal Armed Conflicts: Experiences at the Grassroots Level in the Anglophone Region of Cameroon.

24) From Rebellion to Politics: The Transformation of Rebel Groups to Political Parties in Civil War Peace Processes in Cameroon.

25) Violence in the Midst of Peace Negotiations: The case study of Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon.

26) Human Rights violation in the Anglophone Region of Cameroon.

27) Effects of conflict on agriculture: Evidence from the ongoing Anglophone crisis in Cameroon.

28) The Impact of Armed Civil Conflict on Household Welfare in Cameroon: Case Study, Mamfe Municipality.

30) Armed Conflict, Household Victimization, and Child Health in the North-West Region of Cameroon.

31) The Economic Impact of Conflicts and the Refugee Crisis in the Anglophone Region of Cameroon.

32)An Appraisal Of The International Legal Framework For The Elimination Of Nuclear Weapons And Its Implications For World Peace And Security.

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